Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today I didn't yell.

I wanted to record the beauty of this day, which was one of the best ever days with John since Sam was born. 

John has been (finally) showing some signs of a struggle to adjust to the new baby.  Luckily it has been directed at us (me) and not at Sam, but I've been really struggling to help him through it, and today we had a breakthrough.  Which means, lookout tomorrow.

Recently I asked him if it was hard being a big brother.  He said, resolutely, NO. 

Then I asked him if he thought it was hard for mom and dad or if we had changed at all.

He said that he thought Brian's eyebrows had gotten grayer but that I looked the same. 

So I asked if we had changed how we acted ... and was punched in the face with, "Yeah.  You yell a lot louder."

Well, today I didn't.

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1 comment:

MelanyTN said...

Very sweet.

I can't believe you went and changed your blog without letting me know this was on your agenda. I love it and all - but it's way early in the morning for this type of surprise.