Friday, July 10, 2015

The Current Subtopics of My Life (DRAFT VERSION)

I started this post MONTHS ago and never finished it.  Now I can't remember the parts that I've left unfinished, but for purposes of posterity, I'm posting what I had started:


I am always trying to get my students to notice the subtopics in their reading.  Very often, noticing a good heading (subtitle/topic, etc.) is a quite effective reading strategy for complex material.  So with that in mind, tonight I shall try to update you on the Subtopics of Our Lives (runner up title for the "Day of Our Lives" soap opera, I'm sure).

Soccer Season
One of the predominant aspects of fall for me is now soccer.  I grew up associating it with football, but soccer is so much healthier, methinks.  Most crashing into one another leads to penalty, and no helmets are involved.  I do still worry about the effects of headers, but then again ... there's always something, right?  Do NOT google "headers and concussions" in an effort to educate me, please.  I would like to remain blissfully ignorant for the next two weekends that I must endure this.

Sam and John are both high scorers on their teams.  At Sam's age, this is mostly coincidence (he's one of the biggest and oldest in a league with a wide range of ages), but at John's age -- it's nothing short of completely spellbinding.  I truly cannot believe that I birthed such athletes.

Efforts toward the Education of Our Children
Sam started a new school this fall, mostly out of convenience for his parents.  He seems to be thriving there.  We almost pulled him out because it was so much more expensive than his previous preschool, but then they offered him a "scholarship," and so we acquiesced.  We're so impressionable.  He comes home most days with happy tales of his exploits, and sometimes we get the ever precious morsel about what he has tried at lunch (which is provided by the school and included in tuition/scholarship).  The school is literally across the street from the school where Brian teaches, so Sam spends much less time at a "school" now.  His most favorite days of the week are "S" days, when he knows he'll be with us instead (Saturday/Sunday = Samdays).

John's 4th grade year has been challenging.  His teachers are pushing the kids to be responsible and independent, which is hit or miss with our 10-year old.  He is working hard through this last year of Glendale.  He truly has to muscle his way through science class in Spanish, but luckily is fine with the math that is presented in Spanish.

Halloween approaches.  I love Halloween for its arbiter of cooler weather, but I hate the expectation of costume wrangling.

Home Life

Other Extracurriculars (piano)

Allergy shots