Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We did separate yet fun things for Spring Break this year because my break is never the same as the boys.  Sam and I stayed home and did fun Mom/Son things like drive to and from school (my school is 40 minutes from his, so there was a lot of driving), eat macaroni  cheese straight out of the pot, watch movies every night, etc.  Staycation, one might say.  

The Bigs went on an adventure out west to the San Juan River in Utah, where they met some friends and spent a week rafting, camping, hiking, and eating the most amazing camp food you have ever heard of.  Brian suspended his vegetarianism in order to eat the delicious food that was prepared for them three times a day, whenever the urge struck.  I would've liked that part of it.  I may have even enjoyed the mudbaths ... you know, for my skin.  

Sam and I did not document the Staycation very well, but Brian and John made up for us in spades.  Below are my favorite shots from their trip:

This is Steve, Boatman, Chef, Medic

This is their toilet.

The whole crew!  

This is called Mexican Top Hat (or something like that)