Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dribble Chin

Dribble Chin
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OK, OK, OK ... I know that I just posted an entry for today, but there's some stuff I forgot to mention and plus I needed an excuse to upload more photos. Couldn't you just kiss that dribble off his chin?

I spent 2.5 hours today taking pictures. That's called Really Productive.

The thing I forgot to mention is that The Goose attended a music class today! He was the youngest in attendance but by far the most musically gifted in the room. In fact, he was much more coordinated than many of the moms. His favorite part was the egg shaker and the sticks, both of which we had to pry from his grubby little hands while he threw a bloody murder screaming fit (BMSF) and disrupted class. We did learn a new song though and it goes like this ...

Five eggs and five eggs,
That makes ten.
Sittin' on top is mama hen.
Crack, crack, crack, crack ...
What do I see?
Ten little chicks just as yellow as can be!

How appropriate for us! (Except the parts where there are more than 3 eggs and the mama hen hatches the eggs and they crack open and the chicks come out.) We signed up again for next week, but I'm just waiting for the teacher to look over the list and realize who we are and call to say that we aren't welcome due to the BMSF. In case you're interested, the classes are only free in the summer and cost $180 for 15 weeks (30 minutes once a week) starting in the fall. Who needs music in the fall anyway?

Also, The Goose has made it a habit to check out the refrigerator on a daily basis. There are some photos of this if you click on the one above (as usual).

I LOVE the camera. Can you tell?


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Finally! We got a new one! This one has a FOUR YEAR WARRANTY which includes submersion, vehicular fatalities, and assault by prize babies with mashed peas on their hands. Thank goodness ... I was getting REALLY bored around here without a camera. Now I guess my house will go back to being dirty and I don't even care.

Also today I filed the complaint in court regarding Northwest Airlines. The court date is set for August 1. CALLING ALL PRO BONO LAWYERS! I am scared to death.

In other news, I have poison ivy on my arm and chigger bites in my nether regions. Don't know how that happened but it could've been from the fall, which, speaking of ...

The Goose and I are healing nicely and currently my biggest concern is getting the glue out of his hair. My knee is still blue, but you can't even tell Goose has a scratch because his hair is so long that it covers up the spot.

Recently Goose has acquired a talent for tantrum throwing and there's a picture of the back-arch move if you click on the photo above. The tantrums started out for good reasons (like when we took away sharp objects) but now have moved forward into for-no-reason land. Interestingly enough, he only throws them while we're holding him, and the method he uses causes his body to become sleek and straight and banana-like. The arms go up, the back arches, the mouth flies open to scream, and the head goes back. It's really fun, but also I hope it stops soon.

In food news, he's into dill pickles and kidney beans. My kinda guy.

You may have to endure a few mindless posts in the next few days as I learn how to use all the features on the new camera ... 4 megapixels, movie with audio, black and white mode, etc., etc. YAY for Best Buy!

Love to all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Real Goose Bump

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Here's the Goose with his banged-up head. If you click on the picture you can see another one of me and him both and even though it's from a distance, you can still see the scrape on my head too.

But we're healing nicely. Now, about those helmets ...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Goose Eggs

Well folks we have now officially made our first trip to the emergency room with The Goose. Here's the story ...

On Friday morning at approximately 8 a.m., Goose and I were hiking down a ridge with him in his backpack carrier on my back (see picture) when I tripped and fell face first into a landscape timber. The Goose also had an unfortunate encounter with the timber and the short version is that there was a good bit of blood and screaming and we ended up at Vandy's Children's ER.

After a period of about three hours, it was determined that Dermabond would do the trick and thus stitches were avoided. The application of the glue was less than graceful, and most of it ended up in his hair, which I guess is better than in his eyes, but still was a mess. Vanderbilt is a teaching hospital, so you gotta give them a break.

When we got home from the hospital the pavers were STILL workign on our road and so we had to park and walk up the hill to the house in our bloody clothes, exhausted. But things could've been much worse, so I really should not be complaining.

The Goose and I both got goose eggs (ha ha -- or should we call them goose bumps?) and I scraped up my knee pretty bad, but all in all, we're fine. He is acting like nothing has happened and ... drumroll ...

Has learned to wave BYE BYE!

Usually it's a double-armed, flailing-like movement, but it's definitely a wave. So there is some good news from this weekend!

Shortly after the incident, the little prince was acting like he'd already forgotten. Now he's back to his old self: crawling everywhere and pulling himself up and chasing balls and throwing back-arching temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Today I put him back in the carrier and we went for a much more enjoyable walk than the one last Friday.

Mama & Daddy, I hate to tell you, but all that money you spent on ballet lessons was a total waste because I am a hopeless clutz. Just call me Grace Pace.

We are now accepting donations of helmets for mom & baby.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The 9-Month Checkup

Yesterday was The Goose's 9-month well-baby doctor visit. He measured 27.5 inches in height (50th percentile) and weighed in at 17 lbs, 8 oz. (10th percentile). I don't remember his exact head size, but the nurse gasped and said that it was, again, off the charts, as were his intelligence, creativity, language-development, and activity levels. The doctor said that we should NOT worry about his low weight because this is typical for breastfed babies at about 9 months. She said he will likely have a surge before his 12-month checkup.

When the doctor walked in and spoke to Goose, he immediately held out his hands in his typical "I-need-to-hug-you-NOW" fashion and allowed her to probe him all over without a peep. She gave him a prescription steroid cream for his eczema and said it will likely come and go and get itchy and gross and that maybe he'll outgrow it (or not) and that it might keep him up at night and that scratching will make it worse and that he will inevitably scratch it raw. Great.

Then the doctor left and the nurse came in for the one shot and also a finger prick (iron level test). The Goose sat in his dad's lap and played with my bracelet during this would-be traumatic time.

First came the prick, after which he didn't even look up until she put the band-aid on and then he abandoned my bracelet and went to work gnawing on the band-aid (it was later found in the upstairs hallway after a long period of searching for it).

Then came the time for the shot and we all held our breath. But three cheers for the brave, injection-taker baby! He was so interested in the band-aid that he didn't even notice her stick that needle in his leg. After her shocked reaction, he calmly peered up at her as if to say, "Yeah, I could've screamed bloody murder, but that would be beneath me, and plus this band-aid is way too cool to ignore." Needless to say, she was very impressed.

In conclusion, he's still perfect.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
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Well I would've taken a picture today, but as you know, my camera is broken and I haven't been able to talk to a real person at Sony in order to find out what to do. Despite our sadness about the broken camera, we did have a fantastic day today.

When Goose woke up at 7:30 a.m., B went in to get him and Goose said, "Dah-Dah!" and then gave him a big hug. We were impressed by this until later in the day when Goose said those same two syllables while looking at one of the chickens. Oh well. At least he's cropped it from DAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAHDAH to just Dah-dah, which is closer than before. We're so proud.

Tomorrow is his 9-month checkup, so I'll write more after we know the stats. I hope you all had a great Father's Day ... we'll see ALL of our dads and grandads in July!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Happy 9 Months to The Goose!

baby goose
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Today is Prince Goose's 9-month birthday. It definitely does not seem like 9 months have passed since he popped into this world and scored a 9/10 on the Apgar scale. They don't give tens, so basically that just means he was perfect. And he still is. We even went ahead and renewed his contract for another nine months since we like him so much.

Today for his birthday outting we took him to the fancy Brentwood library and let him play with the Thomas the Tank Engine train track set. He almost got into a fight with a four-year-old because he wanted to suck on Thomas rather than play nicely with him on the tracks. I really think Goose would've won the fight, but we didn't take any chances. Then he met a 3-year-old girlfriend who was wearing a pink sweatsuit with a purple feather boa wrapped around her neck and some barbie cowgirl boots (my kinda girl). The two of them played together for a while before we all got hungry and headed home.

Later in the afternoon, we put everyone's father's day cards in the mail, so if they're a little late, please forgive us!

I think Goose will be very upset when he finds out that I put such an old picture of him (9 days old!) on his birthday page. Plus there's a booger in his nose which I tried to edit out but failed. Oh well, that's what moms are for ...

Happy happy birthday, baby Goose!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Humidity Hair

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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If you think his hair is crazy, you should see MINE! Click on the picture to see more ...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Word Eaters R Us

Goose's new toy
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Yesterday I ate lots of words. I took The Prince to our favorite bookstore and let him crawl around for a while. I told him before we went inside that we were NOT buying anything so not to get his hopes up.

This is what he found. He had one in each hand and one in his mouth and was attempting to crawl around while squealing with excitement. So of course I bought it. But he really wanted two or three, and I only bought one, so it's OK right? I mean, I'm not REALLY one of those parents that gives in so easily right?

And anyway I never said that I wouldn't buy him educational things like this. I mean, this is CLEARLY educational ... the tag even said it had won numerous awards in NYC for most unique/creative toy and that p.s. it is virtually indestructible and made of all natural materials.

He needed it, people! Stop judging!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Prince is on his Throne

June 12, 2005
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Today The Prince spent a lot of time on his "throne" where he played with food for hours on end. His favorite finger foods are plain macaroni, pieces of bread, baked potato pieces, beans, sweet potato puffs, and cheerios (we even have a cheerios song -- it's to the tune of "Physical" by Olivia Newton John ... just substitute "cheerios" wherever "physical" is supposed to be).

We had a VERY uneventful day due to the nonstop rain. Somehow I always end up exhausted though and now I can't even think of anything to write.

I did take several pictures and I think my camera is about to die. I have found, though, that if I bang it on the floor a couple times then the automatic shutter clicks open and it almost smiles back at me. So I'm guessing it has something to do with the shutter. Do we have any camera experts in the family? Hmmmm ...

Tomorrow I'm filing the complaint against NWA about the pump. Lookout Matlock, here I come. OK, enough about the extras, I know y'all really just care about the star.

You can see lots of other photos from the past couple days if you click on the photo above. You can even comment on the photos if you want. All of this is free. Can you believe that all of this technology is free and easy and possible? And that I figured it out? And that I'm tired? Can you tell that I'm tired? I'm tired. Goodnight.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Top Teeth

(no subject)
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Here's a photo of The Goose's newest teeth. Two big ones on the top. He shifts his chin slightly sideways (as in the photo) to create the crooked smile effect. Also, he's been grinding them together ... I'll have to ask the doc about that one. His 9 month checkup is on the 20th.

If you click on his photo, you can see some other recent shots (from today and last night). I snuck into his room last night while he was sleeping to get a pic of him sleeping with his new friend, Microfleece Monogrammed Blanket.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pool Party

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Last Tuesday we went to the pool for the Goose to kick around in his new swim ring. This shot was taken before he threw a fit to get out and be held. While we were there, B and I both went down the slide, and you can see those pictures (and some other new ones) by clicking on the photo above.

Last night when I got home from teaching Goose was asleep in yet another pair of footless jim jams. I guess that's a guy ritual.

I have failed to mention in previous posts that Goose has become attached to a blanket that he snatched off the back of his rocking chair one night. It's a green and white fleece blanket with his name and birthday monogrammed on. Now he sleeps with it religiously. When he wakes up in a bad mood, he always brings it out of the crib with him, but he just leaves it in there if he's feeling good. I haven't gotten any pictures yet, but it's on the list.

I'm swamped now and so these posts will likely be shorter and have more typos. Forgive me!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MG Returns to Work

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Well folks, I did it. I left yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock and didn't return until 8:30 p.m. and in the meanwhile the boys were fine. The pizza and wrestling party turned into a sweet potatoes and pajama-cutting-up event. When I returned home, I found the following: Goose was asleep in his I Love New York pajamas (interestingly enough, the feet had been cut out), there were two empty jars of sweet potatoes on the table along with an empty 4-oz. bottle and some cheerio crumbs, and B was laid-up on the couch listening to a basketball game on the radio. I took that to mean that all was well, and of course it was.

As I left the house, B said, "Good luck. I hope your boobs don't explode" and right he was. The worst part about the whole event was that I don't have a pump and by the time I returned home I was quite uncomfortable. By 4 a.m. I was calling myself Sponge Kim Square Boobs. First on the to-do list today is to find out about how to get into small-claims court in order to get Northwest Airlines to pay for me a new pump doggone it.

Teaching again was great! I only have five students, so grading won't be too bad and the commute wasn't as long as I thought (about 20 minutes even in traffic). My students are from Sudan, Egypt, Togo (West Africa), Afganistan, and Puerto Rico. They are all about my age and seem very eager to learn.

B and the Goose loved their time alone together and part-time work really feels like the best of both worlds, so I feel good about the whole thing. But of course I showed everyone there his pictures and had pangs of selfish sadness that he really doesn't need me as much anymore.

I hope all is well with you, our loved ones. Happy Tuesday!<

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Sunday Afternoon ...

Early June
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This picture was taken after The Goose participated in the following activities:

>Reading about shapes
>Practicing soccer
>Training with weights
>Playing the harmonica

He's a very well-rounded child who is interested in many different kinds of activities. Already, preschools are calling and asking if they can get a committment from him. He's waiting to see which one offers the best package deal.

To see more pictures from today, click on the picture of his pre-nap tantrum.

The only other family news is that I'm going to start teaching a writing class on Monday and Wednesday nights at the community college! YAY! B & G already have the nights planned ... pizza, ballgames, wrestling (you know, guy stuff).

Hope everyone is doing well. Drop us a line!

Friday, June 03, 2005


This is The Prince's version of a sippy cup. We like to call it The Big Gulp. He is obsessed with this water jug which came home from the hospital with us after his delivery.

He also likes to drink ice water from restaurant glasses with straws. When we were en route to Phoenix on the airplane, the woman in front of us kept turning around to watch him drink from a straw. She said she had never seen a baby suck from a straw before. Baby? What baby? This is a little boy, people!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

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We had a loverly holiday weekend complete with a grandparent visit and a cookout with the Bird family. To see more pictures, click on the photo of the Paces with Goose and check it all out.

The highlight of the weekend was Goose learning to shake his head NO, a skill taught by his maternal grandfather. Also, he's now turning the pages of his favorite books (Going on a Bear Hunt & The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and lifting the flaps of Where is Baby's Bellybutton?

Also, he has decided to boycott all diaper changes by writhing around screaming and making it nearly impossible for anyone to singlehandedly change him. That's fun.

Oh! I almost forgot ... yesterday, B & I took him to see Madagascar. At first he just stared and stared and then he got really freaked out and nursed for a solid hour. Finally at the end we convinced him to sit up and watch while working on a biter biscuit. I wasn't that impressed with the movie itself, but at least now we know that taking him to the movies is actually do-able.

In other news, I've decided not to take the job with the intensive English program. I am just having too much fun staying home right now. I have my whole life to work and be professional! Plus, it's not really what I want, the community college job is still out there (and that IS what I really want), and right now the Johns Hopkins situation is bearable. Additionally, I have decided that even a PT job would cramp my lifestyle and make it more difficult for us to visit family & friends during the nice weather of the summer (fall will be a better time to start working outside the home again). So there. Decision made.

Don't forget to go back and look at the other photos from this weekend!