Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Five and a half

John turns five and a half officially today, and we are excited to report that he has his first loose tooth! It's the same one that started coming in when he was six months old. He is very concerned that it might pop out and get lost in the snow on his snowboarding adventure out west. I fear his expectations about snowboarding may be a tad disappointing. He left envisioning half pipes and tricks whose names are numbers and all manner of other dangerous and exciting winter-olympic-like feats. He was also a bit concerned about the tooth fairy finding him. We assured him that the tooth fairy, like Santa, has a GPS.

Happy 5.5 Big Man. May all your snowboarding and tooth fairy and half-birthday dreams come true.
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Elizabeth said...

oh my gosh - he lost a tooth - that makes him seem so grown-up!

MelanyTN said...

Uh oh. We may have to keep this news from Griffin. He's longing for a loose tooth - but I don't think his are going anywhere anytime soon. But - congrats to JEB! ;)