Thursday, March 11, 2010

I live in fear of what he might tell the chiropractor.

Today was one of those days when I tried to do way too much before noon. I'm sure others of you out there have experienced these days when, despite your beginning the day well adjusted (because of your visit to the chiropractor), you end up obliterating your spinal alignment by nursing the baby in the dressing room at Target.

But darned if you didn't just have to have that new scarf and a bottle of  Armor All.

The only thing good that came of this day was discovering that my chiropractor drinks diet coke (the shame!) and figuring out that Sam is old enough to go on my back in the mei tai wrap.

I know that he doesn't look comfortable in this photo, but he fell asleep within 10 minutes of being strapped on, and slept long enough for me to finish dinner and dust the entire house.  The beauty of babywearing.  And yes, I am still a huge proponent of babywearing despite the new warnings against "slings" by Consumer Reports.  For the record, it's the chin-to-chest position that is dangerous, which can technically happen in a crib or carseat as well as a "sling."  Neither of my current baby carriers can be categorized as slings, but I used a ring sling (Maya Wrap) with John-John and loved it.   As with anything else, combining common sense with knowledge of safe usage practices can go a long way.  

While I dusted, John watched Wall-E for the 733rd time and, Bert-like, counted his seashells from his seashell collection.
When he got home from school, he stood in front of me and dug them out of his pockets.  As he thrust his hands down farther and farther to retrieve the shells, I watched as dust flew up around him, like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.  All the while, he was 90-miles-an-hour telling me about how his friend Bella, at school, found them amidst the gravel on the playground and how he was going to add them to his collection from the beach in his Ziplock bag and save them for a craft project. 

When he was done, I think said something stellar and affirming like, "You need to go wash your hands." 

Come to think of it, there's another character from Charlie Brown that reminds me of John ...

In other news, Sambino has become a pro at rolling from tummy to back, and this is really screwing up nap time.  But Lord have mercy on my soul is he ever the sweetest bite of deliciousness ever sent from heaven:

And now I'll leave you with a couple John-John quotes, of late:

  • "Man!  All kinds of stuff happened in there!"  (Said after emerging naked from the bathroom, post-bath.  I won't detail what exactly went down, but I will say that cleaning it up depleted my entire bottle of Comet.)

  • "Man!  I do NOT wanna be in a game of counting pepper on noodles."  (Said after contemplating the fettucini alfredo with freshly ground pepper, which I served for dinner tonight.)

  • "Hey Dr. Jen, guess what my mom lets me have on some special occasions!  CHEETOS!" (Dr. Jen is our beloved chiropractor who is cute, perky, fit, and uber-health conscious.  She is not a fan of Cheetos, but--we discovered today--she does occasionally splurge on a diet coke.)

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