Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jewels found on John-John's camera

Tonight I decided it was time to clean memory cards. I have two cameras, so this is always a huge endeavor. But tonight I started with John's little point and shoot, with which he is obsessed. I never actually got to my own photos.

Here's what I found, divided into categories:

First, the self portraits:

Then there are the butt shots:

And finally, what I call "Weird Family Photos": (no offense to anyone -- in most of them, I am the freak)

One of them has a too-big shirt.  The other has none.  And I have salmon-colored sweat pants.  Good gracious.

Heavenly days.

Love. It.

All those missing teeth.  And my freckles!  Yet no boy freckles are to be found.   :-(

There's a fine line between choking and hugging.

All were excited about this one.

Onward and upward,

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The Spears Family said...

The salmon colored pants are, by far, my favorite!