Thursday, March 17, 2011

Linemen, Bathrobes, & Captain America

There is too much to catch you up on, especially in the way of General Boy Unwellness, but such is the state of windy March. Oh, does that have you interested? Well, I hate the details, but here are the main ideas:

-John has crazy allergy-induced asthma and coughs all day. But more importantly, he has coughed all night every night for about two weeks now and missed nearly a whole week of school. All of this despite his chiropractic adjustments, commitment to taking Vitamin C, fish oil, and probiotics for immune-boosting properties, and avoidance of both gluten & dairy. Oh, and did I mention his daily pharmaceutical regimen? Singulair, Asmanex, Zyrtec, and Albuterol as needed.

-Sam has a raging double ear infection and had a reaction to his ear drops which caused abdominal hives. Then he fell and busted his nose -- likely due to dizziness caused by equilibrium issues -- and I nearly got a ticket rushing him & his bloody nose & hivey tummy to the doctor's office earlier today. (Verdict: nose = OK; ears = NOT ok). Now he's on another series of antibiotic injections ... despite his tubes, his chiropractic adjustments, and his committment to taking Vitamin C, fish oil, and probiotics for immune-boosting properties. Despite the fact that he is off of gluten & dairy. No regular pharmaceuticals for him so far, but why is it that I see it in the near future?

In other, more upbeat news, Sam owns two superfun bathrobes, and John has a plethora of weapons.
The End.
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