Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Jail in Alabama for Bad Pencils

Today, in a fit of frustration about his pencil not erasing correctly, John yelled out, "AAAaaahhh!!!  This pencil needs to go to jail in Alabama!"  So I encouraged him to write out his anger in a story.  This is the result:

The Jail in Alabama for Bad Pencils

By John Becker

       Once upon a time, there was a jail in Alabama for bad pencils. One day, a new bad pencil got in jail for not erasing right. Then that new bad pencil got out of jail. The other pencils didn’t see him when he escaped. When he got out of jail, the keepers didn’t see him.


John Becker

Not sure why he chose to end with a signature rather than "The End," but he was adamant that the conclusion be like this.  We were so impressed with this creative outburst that we let him strike a match and light a candle, which has been a domestic obsession of late.
Send me your children.  I will channel their anger.   
As I type this, John is setting up the chest [sic] board, humming Britney Spears under his breath, and yelling for his dad to please hurry up so he can beat the pants off him.
I love my John-John.

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randasfans said...

This just made my day. I wonder if it works with college freshmen?