Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Bathtubs Can Determine Family Size

From L to R, T to B: worm, drain, crane; dirt clump, T-rex; locomotive, upside-down racecar ... all other brown spots are dirt, fyi.

The closer view.  Please note how much dirt & debris.
What does Kimmy want for Mother's Day?  A new jug of Clorox?  A housekeeper?  A girl?

Ixnay on the Irlgay.  We. Are. Done.

A  housekeeper would be nice, but there's all of that pre-cleaning work that stresses me out.

And we can buy our own Clorox, thank you very much.

How about diamond earrings or just Sleeping In?  And I do NOT mean sleeping in with pitter pat combined with Dadshushing in the background. 

Yes, maybe just straight up sleeping in and some sort of bacon-heavy breakfast would be nice.

Or diamond earrings. 

Whichever is easiest.
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