Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Party Pics!

Sam's 4th (yet first actual (with friends)) birthday party was held on 11/23/13.  Although it felt easy, I think it was a huge success in terms of 4yos.

Here is the evidence.

First, KUDOS to Nanny (the Maternal Grandmother Baker Extraordinaire) who made a chocolate football cake AND an entire Lego football scene centerpiece.
Brian was given the job of pinata, which turned out well though it was a somewhat last-minute addition.

Sam whacked the pinata with abandon, causing all sorts of extremity damage, including the loss of an arm.
Said arm.
The booty was claimed euphorically.
Then John took over.
The youngers seemed to like chasing the older one.
Nanny may have also been involved in the Lego cookies which I totally found ALL the directions for on Pinterest. 
First we decorated.
Then we devoured.
Afterwards it was time for some R&R.  Here I am reading Awesome Man, a gift by one of Sam's soccer buddies (not pictured).  Sam and Elijah seemed quite comfortable in this situation.
This one seemed comfortable with it all.
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