Thursday, December 05, 2013

Baby Jesus and Zack the Elf Can Both Fly

Me:  Why is Baby Jesus in the air?
Sam:  Because they threw him up there.
We had to bribe him with pretzels, but Zack did come back this year ... with a vengeance!  

On his first night, he perched on the curtain rod (not pictured).  Here he is on his second night, pining for the boys while they sleep.  (I understand, Zack, honey, they are so sweet when they're sleeping, aren't they?  You're not the first to notice.)

Last night, Zack "flew" (as John says) down from the curtains, ate some pretzels (and left crumbs on one of the end tables), and then he "flew" downstairs to hug their portrait, which (John also says) is weird.

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