Monday, December 19, 2011

Down Home Christmas IV

John's piano teacher does a very cool "recital" of sorts at the end of each year.  She calls it Downhome Christmas and invites everyone she knows (including her students) to come and play or sing something Christmassy.  We also had a potluck lunch.  This was a great first performance for John -- low key, no pressure, and he rocked it, of course.  In each of the songs below, he is playing the main melody and the others are just backing him up (including me!).

Here are the videos:

Away in a Manger

Jolly Old St. Nicholas 

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And the grand finale:  Joy to the World

I also played one number though we didn't get it on video at the actual recital.  But here is "Carol of the Bells" on our home piano, which I like better than Miz G's fancy baby grand.  Excuse the sidewaysness and the ugly background. 

Side story about the recital ... Brian got food poisoning from eating some bad eggs on Saturday, so he was up all night vomiting.  Again.  Poor guy.  So the next day at the recital, he wasn't feeling too hot, but he dragged himself in of course, and sat on the sidelines, green. 

At least it's a Christmas color.

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Sarah and Hayes said...

Love it. Glad you're still playing! Send me the contact info for this piano teacher, please. I love the low key approach. Don't know if Peter is ready yet, but I am always thinking ahead! Merry, merry!