Wednesday, November 03, 2010

He looks like a tatted-up troublemaker, but ...

his teacher gave him rave reviews on his first report card and at the conference. She said his only problem was that he talks too much, which is weird because he definitely didn't get that from me. She also confirmed that he has gotten his duck below water 2-3 times, which he had actually confessed to prior to the conference. He even overdid it, telling me that it may have been 10-12 times for various negative behaviors.

Tonight, after dinner, John announced that he had a hypothesis about the contents of Sam's diaper. His hypothesis was confirmed prior to bathtime, and now I see why he got high marks in the science subsection of the report card, which was entitled "Uses age appropriate vocabulary to comunicate understanding of simple data and content."

He knows all upper and lower case letters and numbers up to 100.

Most of his highest marks were concentrated into the reading subcategory of the 7-page tomish report card, and I was especially proud of his "knowledge of concepts of print, including title, author, and illustrator." I was really expecting to see a note about his curiosity with the Caldecott Medal, but I guess even Miss Lash is guilty of oversights. Can you imagine completing a painfully detailed 7-page evaluation for 19 children?

Side note about Miss Lash: She's planning to hula-hoop a half-marathon in April, and for Christmas she wants some knitting resources to feed her habit of creating scarves during long Vermont ice storms. I continue to be captivated by this woman, as is John. I mean,
here I was thinking my 4th grade teacher Miss Liddell was the coolest ever person just because she went on a honeymoon to Alaska. 13.1 miles of hula hooping is way better than a slide show about moose.
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Joanna Sykes said...

Funny how you can remember where Ms. Liddell went on her honeymoon but you don't remember getting that Progress Report in Mrs. McClendon's class for talking too much? :)