Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great Haircut 2010: I'm only the teensiest bit devastated.

So, we started out the day like this.

And then we kept having this discussion about hair getting in eyes.  So, then we learned a lesson about why you don't go to Great Clips in a strip mall.

Because if you ask for a trim, it might end up like this:
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Dorky to the max.  It was OVER his ears and what are those bangs?!!?!?!

So then Mama convinces you that maybe perhaps possibly you might enjoy looking like a SOLDIER!

And voila!  The dad delivereth this:

Maybe we'll see the curls again for Christmas.


Cindy said...

He looks like a totally different kid. Wow. It must just be something about little boys and haircuts, because I think Logan looks different when he gets one too. We go to Sports Clips over close to us now and they do a really good job, I think. We had been going to Fantastic Sams, in Green Hills, which is good. But this is closer and Logan loves the whole sports theme.

Julie said...

Or not. Sad to say that Conner's curls never returned after the ONE and ONLY time I did not use my personal stylist and took him to my friend's barbershop. I'll pray it doesn't happen to you too :)