Friday, June 11, 2010

John's First Date

B and I needed a night out, so we booked a sitter. But then we started contemplating the idea of taking John-John along for his first date. He needed some one-on-one time.

First, we waited until bedtime the night before and sprung it on him.  He was silent.  So finally I was like, "WELL???  Are you going to come or not?"

His reply: "I'll think about it."

And that he did, for a solid 20 hours.  But in the end, he came along instead of staying home with our superfun sitter, Anna.

For the date, we first went to our favorite sushi place: Ken's.  John took along his "Giving" money from his jar, and (approximately $1.75) and "paid" for our meal.  Surprisingly, he even had enough leftover for the tip jar!

Then we went to our local Godiva Chocolatier. 

After tasting his truffle, he literally fell out in sheer delight.

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Last, we went to see Marmaduke, which was painful. 

But worth it.

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