Monday, June 07, 2010

And now, what you've all been waiting for: A discussion of our 1970s recliner & a garden growth report

The boys spend a lot of time in this chair. It's the chair my daddy rocked me in when I was little. Before we had it recovered, it was bright orange velour. I used the arm rest cover as a security blanket until I went to first grade. Called it "Cuv." Yes, it's a proper noun. Hundreds of dollars worth of change has cascaded through the framework of this chair, I'm sure. I love this chair and just about everything that's ever been in it.

In horticultural news, here are the headlines ...
We have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of lurking evil spirits since the installation of our bottle tree:The lettuce has taken off! The pointy stuff on the far right is Amish Deer Tongue. It's super tasty. So far I've cut the entire bed down twice ... so this is going to be the third gigantic harvesting. Everybody in the neighborhood and at my school is either eating salad or politely throwing it out.  As long as they're re-using my Ziploc gallon freezer bags, I'm OK with it.


This is John's bean plant, grown from seed at his preschool.  I let him plant it even though I'm pretty sure it's genetically modified and NOT heirloom.  My reasoning was that he's too young to understand the nuances of sustainable agriculture.  Unlike his mother, who is clearly an expert on this and many other topics.  

You know it's your favorite ... tri-color, silverbeet CHARD! With lemon basil mixed in randomly.

The Flamingo Boys are watching over our newest bed, which hasn't done squat since the flood. All my Sudduth's Brandywine heirloom beefsteaks (the ones passed down for 100 years in a family from Tennessee), all my peppers, which luxuriated on heating-pads from February until May, and 24 basil plants ... they look about like me after my jogging attempts of late.

But the carrots! These are red dragon carrots with German pink tomatoes in the background and some returning marigolds mixed in.

What in the world am I gonna do with that much Vitamin A?

Ponder these things, we must ...

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