Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I sense a disturbance in the force.

Black Goldy has appropriately been renamed Luke Skywalker and has acquired a "No Fishing," grinning shark accessory, and we have three humidifiers running, one of which has a Vicks Vaporub insert. My Pappaw used to eat Vicks Vaporub and he lived to be a nonagenarian.

I haven't slept, people. But Sam is outta my bed.

In other news, I contracted a cold which I passed on to John, and now his asthma is acting up.  He's been home from school all week alternating nebulizer treatments with hot steamy showers.  Yesterday we took a trip to the chiropractor and all got adjusted in an attempt to prime our immune systems.  Mine has taken a hit lately.

Yes, he's wearing a summer outfit while the nation suffers through brutal winter storms.  It's a USA soccer jersey, used in place of PJs as we await the World Cup, summer 2010. 

Which I really don't give a flying flip about but woo-boy the Winter Olympics are coming up on Friday and this is one girl who loves her some figure skating.  Now that's a reason to stay up at night.

So, last night Sam slept from 10 p.m. to midnight.  Brian got up and pinched him so he'd cry and I'd have to come in there attempted to give him a bottle.  He cried and refused the bottle.  Finally after an hour and a half of torture, I went in and took over and boobed the poor child, who wasn't even hungry.  Then he slept until nearly 7 a.m.  He would've slept longer (normally he sleeps in until 9 or so), but I'm on a mission to get him in bed before 10 p.m. (a now two-week long ordeal).  Especially since we're getting a sitter on Friday night.  It's so much more fun to come home at 9:30 p.m. -- you know, after you've done something exciting like go to the mall to buy new underwear -- and have the children asleep.  I dream of this.

So now you're wondering something like, "Why has she not slept?" since you've of course added up all those lovely hours that the baby was in his crib last night.

You know that book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff?

First, there's the coughing issue -- just John and me for now, but it goes on all night.  And then when the coughing stops and it gets quiet, there's the imagining-that-the-baby-is-crying issue and incessantly going to check.  Then you get in the nursery and you realize not only is he completely silent, he's too silent.  So you touch him with your ice-cold hand, and he stirs.  Then you worry that he'll really start crying, so you stay in there for awhile and do some yoga stretches on the floor.  Next the dust from the hasn't-been-vaccuumed-since-Macy-left rug gets you coughing again.  So you go in the bathroom and hose your nose with a NeilMed Isotonic Sinus Rinse Bottle.  Now you can breathe out of your nose and you're feeling sleepy, so you go back to bed.  And guaranteed if you go back to bed, someone's gonna start coughing.

But in the morning, there's that dimple, and isn't it all just almost worth it?

Mostly I feel that the Light Side of the Force is winning.  Thanks, Luke.
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The Spears Family said...

The child is your clone. Do other people think this?