Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boxing Shorts

Macy sent a cool package last week ... including these "boxing" shorts. Never assume that a child will know that other types of underwear have different names. He's convinced these are really shorts for boxing and refuses to wear a shirt when he's at home. He has worn the shorts for two straight days now, over and under clothes. I finally smuggled them out of his room to wash them. Here he is with blue, a bag of goldfish, his "trucker hat" and the shorts. And it's 30 degrees.

In other news ... we got a new range!!! It will be here tomorrow ... self-cleaning, convection, FIVE eyes with a grill option in the middle. I couldn't be more thrilled. And you can file that one under, "How to know that you're definitely a grown up."

That's all for now. As always, onward, upward, and sideways.
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Cindy said...

Blue looks about as blue as Logan's Bebe is now. I love Blankie Boys.