Monday, January 09, 2012

Hold You Me

Recently Sam started saying a phrase that I would like to freeze in time, and forever keep it on hand for those moments wherein one wonders why one has procreated. 

Quit being horrified -- you know you have been there.

The sweet and gentle demand, "Hold you Mama!" has now evolved to, "Hold you ME, Mama."

If I say, "Oh, you want me to hold you?" He replies, "NO! HOLD. YOU. MEeeeee!!!!!!"

And even though it would be nice to (fill in the blank here) -- cook dinner, read a book, play piano, eat dinner, drive safely, etc -- I am eating up the developmental stage of him knowing only one "ME."

If only we could all get away with that kind of narcissism. 

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Lori Inman said...

That is too cool. Caroline used to say exactly that! You, me, it's all so confusing.