Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pie Contest

Tonight there was a pie contest at John's school.  In order to enter the contest, you had to pay a $5 entry fee and take two pies.  Brian baked them (pumpkin, of course), but last night as we were preparing for this event, it occurred to us that we could just show up, not pay (or bake), and still eat pie. 

We are stupid.

Brian had his first basketball game tonight (he is coaching the girls' team), so I took the pies and the boys for this event.  All was going well until the showing of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special.  At the exact moment when the introductory music stops and the characters are preparing to speak, an emergency evacuation was necessary due to the toddler melt-down over a tether ball that was simply not holdable no matter how nicely you ask and beg and plead and throw down.  Because it was tethered.  It was tethered because it's a tether ball.  Ahem.

We hate tether balls.

Why is it that when these things are happening, everyone else's kids are quietly munching popcorn and sitting with their legs crossed on nap mats, watching the movie while their parents mingle and sip coffee and eat pie and I tear at my hair and stumble awkwardly out of the building holding a screaming toddler and yelling over my shoulder to the other one that he better follow me because I.CANNOT.TAKE.ANYMORE.OF.THIS.

Yes, this one.  This angel.
And then on my way out the door, I announce loudly to the President of the PTO (who is my friend) that this is SO MUCH FUN that maybe we should do it all again tomorrow night and can she please pick up my 2nd pie tray because I have my hands full?

Yes, she says.  And then clarifies: To the pie tin retrieval, not the repeating of this event.  Next she confessed to me that she wanted to slip some cinnamon whiskey in her coffee.

We made it home.

The End.

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