Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bammy's 2nd

We celebrated The Bam's 2nd birthday this weekend with Nanny, Grampy, Millie, Annie, Molly, Baba, Elijah, & Hannah.  Macy & Grandaddy couldn't make it (and besides we will see them in a few days for Turkey), but otherwise I think those are all his absolute favorite people. 

The Janeious made her usual, amazing cake structure, which as you can see is a 3-car train pulled by an engine with a smoke stack and some licorice tracks and oreo wheels.  Easy, of course.  I could've done it myself, but I was too busy reading my novel and throwing up.

Other than my 12-hour stomach bug though, it was a great weekend, and a nice kickoff to the upcoming holiday.  Which, of course, will always -- since 2009 -- remind me of my sweet Sam.

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