Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bam

There's a lot to be reported in the way of The Bam.  The biggest news is that he has morphed into a little kid.  No longer a whiny crying baby.  Now he's a whiny crying toddler. 

He can use some two-word phrases, but he's still sort of in the grunting and pointing stage.  Which, if memory serves me correctly, alleves itself after about 26 months.  I alternately crave his littleness and fantasize about a world full of boys who ALL use the toilet, words, and manners.

There have been no seizures since Aprilish, so for that we are immensely thankful.  But because of that, I got all freaked out about immunizations, and didn't take him for a well-baby checkup for nearly a year.  I think his last shots were @ 12 months.

So when the grandmas got all up in arms about whooping cough, I felt it necessary to take action.

I made Brian take him.

I told him to get two shots.  I was thinking, TWO LEGS, TWO SHOTS.  But instead they gave him two multi-vaccines IN.THE.SAME.LEG.  And if you checked my backlog of google searches, you'd certainly find something like "first signs of autism" ... because I was so unnerved about the shots that you'd've thought I was one of those non-herd-mentality parents who refuse immunizations altogether.

And honestly, it wasn't all in my head.  He was acting a little different this week.  But the funny story is that after the shots, Brian took Sam to McDonald's to get a milkshake.  Thinking that sugar and dairy would make an exposure to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diptheria, & Pertussis ALL BETTER.  So they get there and he orders the milkshake and Sam runs to the playground.  Brian takes the milkshake into the play area and hands it to Sam.

Immediately Sam wails and runs screaming toward the ordering area/cash registers.  He flings himself into the side of the counter. Brian runs over, still thinking he has it all under control.  I can just see it.

Sam is completely losing his mind.  Beating his fists against the counter beneath the cash register.  Gnashing his four teeth.

The McDonald's employee says, "Maybe he wants something else?"

Brian says, "What do you want?"

"Uh-huh!" Sam replies.  (That's what says for any affirmative notion he has.)

"Do you want fries?"

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh!!! FIES!!!!!"

But Brian held strong.  No fries for mannerless boys.

On the way home, Brian tried to give Sam the milkshake in the car.  He slapped it out of his hand. 

(Ha!  She thinks to herself upon hearing this story!)

Finally, they get home, and Brian says, "Sam.  Just LOOK in this cup.  It's ICE CREAM." 

And voila!  Problem solved.
As you can see, he managed to stomach it, despite his initial aversion. 

As we say daily, "B-A-D."

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