Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Crieve Hall Farm Champions!

4 games, 6 hours, 19 RBIs for John-John!!!
Go Storm!!!

This is the email his coach sent after the tournament:

All teams are special-- a group of kids briefly collected together to share some amazing moments together-- but this team was beyond special.  Watching these kids grow from barely knowing which hand to put a glove on into the veteran, dirt-stained, rough-and-tumble little ballplayers we all saw on Saturday-- I've never been a part of anything more gratifying to behold.  I know we're all so proud-- but I promise you, I've never seen anything more awe-inspiring in my life than watching those kids on Saturday. What an amazing display of guts, and simple joy for a game many of them barely understood a few months ago.  Your kids have shown us all something amazing.  I know I learned a lot this Spring, and most especially on Saturday.

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