Saturday, July 06, 2013

Kayaking & Cupcakes

The boys have been doing quite a bit of kayaking while I work.  The first few are shots from the Hiwassee River in east Tennessee and the last one is of John swinging on a rope swing into Shoal Creek in south Tennessee near the Alabama line.

The Hiwassee trip was quite eventful, and even involved rescuing a 300 pound man who had fallen out of his family's boat and gotten stuck.  The rescue went down like this:  Brian and John paddled their kayaks next to one another on a flat stretch, then John jumped from his boat into Brian's.  Next, Brian guided the boat to the stranded man, who, unable to hoist himself into the boat, used it as a float to get him through the rapids.  High drama, to be sure.

Video of Brian & John's commentary on the white water.  

Video of John doing the rope swing.  I think he enjoyed it somewhat.

During some of these tripe, I'm not working, and Sam and I have "Mom & Sam" days.  Our last one involved a 2-hour stint at a bookstore.  I hated to miss the river fun, but I have to admit that that was a great day too.  We came home exhausted from reading and took a 2-hour nap together.  Love.  Then we made cupcakes with sprinkles in the batter *and* on top of the frosting.  I let him eat three, but only after he scarfed a huge bowl of "noon-als with dad's sauce" in which I had hidden finely chopped spinach.  

Aren't y'all proud of me.  That's like 3 posts in a week.  Expect a dry spell.


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