Sunday, February 03, 2013

The amount of time between my blog posts is is just obscene, but I swear to do better.

 I think that I may not have posted since Sam's birthday letter.  Which was late already, so there you go.  I don't know why I haven't posted.  I have lots of things to say about motherhood and the children and whatnot, but somehow 9 p.m. comes, and I find myself curled around a body pillow sheathed in a yellow case I snagged off the clearance rack at Tar-jay. Pronounce that "j" in the French way, if you will.

So here are all the photos from my pathetic phone, which I keep wanting to replace but not getting past the talking about it.  Below I will try to elaborate on them, which is just going to have to suffice for now.
It snowed an inch and in typical south-of-the-mason-dixon fashion, everything shut down.  The boys and I had a delightful snowball fight.  Heretofore I've been opposed to being hit by  baseball-sized balls of ice, but if you can't beat 'em ...... Also, I turned 36 and Brian 41.  
The most expensive thing we own now is my Vitamix, which I call my Lance Armstrong blender ... you know, b/c it's like a normal kitchen appliance on steroids.  Mostly I use it to make soup.  My success rate is about 40% so far.  Surprisingly, this green stuff is one of my better concoctions.
Sam sleeps a lot these days.  Just not at night or in his own bed or at bedtime or soundly.   He does have a full-size bed, however.  Which he seems to think is a trampoline, but neveryoumind ...  this, like all other rough patches, is going to pass.  And despite the fact that a new one will come to replace it, I still use that mindset to keep me positive.
This one is mostly doing basketball, but his baseball team has started up for pre-season training.  You know, because they're 8, and it's serious now.  And plus, only losers wait until March to start training for April games.  In this picture, he is posing with a bowling ball from our "Mom & John Bowling Night," during which he beat me in two games.
 And so ends this quarterly blog update.  Lots and lots of other important things have happened, but some of them are too sad, or happy, or nostalgic, or blurry to write about.


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