Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A bulleted list is sure-fire proof of writer's block. (or laziness)

Part of our dinner tonight -- colorful was the goal.
 I need to post an update.  But honestly I'd rather go through and read old blog posts and reminisce.  Like about when John-John was five and life was simpler and Sam was contained within the confines of my uterus.

 Not that we could do without him.  It's just, you know, he's two.  And that's when God really tests you to see if you're gonna keep them. 
 I haven't done this in awhile, but tonight I really just need to. 
  • Tonight John requested that I play a game called "I'm a Butt Finder."  I do not know this game.
  • Hannah gave us a 6 week notice today.  May is her last month.  No, I don't know what we're going to do.  I think we're maybe on a waiting list but I'm not sure because I'm not all that detail oriented and I figure things will work out just fine even if I have to use it as an excuse to quit my job and go back to school. Don't even consider emailing me to commiserate this loss.  I'll have a breakdown.
  • Sam can pretty much say anything now.  The most frequent utterances are, "Change me," "BE QUIET Jah-Jah," "WIPE MY HADS!" (hands), "No my go 'Lijah's house," and "My go 'Lijah's house."
  • Brian got his procedure done and is recovering nicely.  Is that appropriate?  At least I didn't tell you it was a vasectomy, and that I watched the whole thing, dumbfounded by how easy it would be to be a doctor and smacking myself in the head for not figuring that out sooner than NOW. 
  • I have not taken any of his leftover valium or pain pills.
  • Next week I am FINALLY getting my haircut by a woman who makes house calls and used to drive a tractor during summer vacations in Louisiana.  She drives a royal blue mustang convertible.
  • During the time I am getting my hair did, we are having a new door installed downstairs.  (Jane, I can hear you muttering, "About time.") 
  • John had his first baseball game. They lost 4-3, but it was such a good game. 
  • During the game, Sam had time-out twice: Once for throwing rocks at the umpire who was at the fence consulting with a man who had a leashed weimaraner with a lampshade around his head.  The second time was for throwing rocks at the weimaraner.
  • The weimaraner, incidentally, was run over by his "grandpa," whose wife (Grandma, I presume?) was quick to explain that they paid the vet bill and that nothing as really broken, just a big scrape.
  • I'm not a huge weimaraner fan.
  • I have only 3 weeks of school left.
  • One of my students wrote this in his problem/solution essay about the issue of students who both work and go to school full-time: 
    Another objection is that some students may have the difficulty to study and work simultaneously such as health problems or disabilities because they will affect both work and study. For example, some students have mental problems or students with one hand and one leg specially if they are right handed and their right hand is the missing one.
  • I think I'll leave you with that fun, positive image of handless students, slogging their way through full-time jobs, families, and insane community college requirements.

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