Monday, August 08, 2011

Zoo Day

Today we went to the zoo.  These are some of the pics I found on John's camera.

This last one initiated a fun conversation, as you might imagine. 

Ah, the zoo.  It's the only place where you can get -- in one day! -- both a sex ed primer and a preview of what it might look like if you decided to do meth.  I'll spare you a picture of the latter, but can school just please start?  Please.

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The Spears Family said...

I am feeling you:
Jon Thomas-'Daddy what are those dogs doing?'
Jonathan- 'Oh, well, I think they are fighting'
Jon Thomas 'Dad, they aren't fighting. What are they doing?'
Jonathan - 'we'll discuss it later'

Jonathan is still trying to decide what exactly to discuss later.