Thursday, September 02, 2010

New School Year's Resolutions

Back in the day, I used to do this every Thursday night. I'd mop the floor, and then sit down and document the week.   Somehow I have of late dropped both habits.  Both good habits. 

So tonight in the spirit of New SCHOOL Year's resolutions, I am renewing my committment to my floors and my blog.  I don't want my children to grow up and say to themselves: "What did our mother do in her spare time?  She certainly didn't tidy the house or make scrap books, so what was she doing all those nights we were in bed at 6:30 p.m.?"

Well, let's see.  Mostly, I've been staring comatose at the television watching horrific shows such as The Bachelorette.  That kind of thing makes me feel a lot better about my life.  It makes busy seem SO much better than crazy.  Last night I watched something on CMT about Taylor Swift's 13-hour autograph party.  She wore heels and never sat down.  It inspired me, so here I am.

The boys are thriving these days.  Brian is in a job that he loves, John has bounded into kindergarten fearless and sponge-like, and Sam has settled into his weekday life with Hannah and Elijah (the babysitter and her 10-month old son) with comfort and ease. 

There are so many things I blog about in my head throughout the day ... so many wonderful things in our lives ... waking up to find a kindergartner stomping around half-naked doing math in Spanish ... watching Sam crawl around playing with a croquet ball ... and of course the many stressors of late ... my envy of the nanny's time with my baby, my discovery of rush-hour traffic, my disillusionment with my job, my inability to find time for yoga and hiking and sanity, etc. etc. 

But mostly I have just wanted to write about my love for this little family.  I love how the boys play together -- something I never thought I'd see.  Everyone said they were too far apart ... said they'd never be able to enjoy each other or be close.  I believed them because what did I know? I'm an only child, and I was never the kind to plan exactly how many children I'd have and how far apart they'd be and how old I'd be when each of them was born.  I'm just not detail-oriented in that way. 

And so their enjoyment of each other has bowled me over.  They are so much fun.  They play together for extended periods of time, laughing, making copious amounts of noise and tumbling into various objects and each other.  John hops into the car after school and, if Sam is not with me, immediately wants to know "Where's the Sambino?  He should be with us.  Let's go get him!!!" 

So for those of you who have lately heard me complaining about my job, my commute, my dirty house, my guilt about working, and my lack of appropriate-fitting pants, here's a nod in the right direction.  Tonight I'm going to bed with a clean floor, a clear conscience, and some elastic-waist pajama bottoms.

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Basha's Mama said...

My blog is also feeling neglected. And I have several "in my head" posts too. *ha* My brother and I are 4 years 9 mths apart and always played with each other until he became a teenager and "too cool" (or I became too annoying depending on which sibling you ask). I love the interaction between Sami and Amanda right now - even with the occasional spats over sharing.