Saturday, April 24, 2010

We made it.

Sam and I both survived my first day back at work. My neighbor watched him (along with her two girls) and with her mom's help, they managed to get him down for two 1.5 hour naps, which is more than I have done in weeks.

I was lonely at work, several times catching myself listening to see if I thought I heard him crying, as I do at home when I'm expecting him to wake up. We will both get used to it. It will get easier. IGBOK.

There were good and bad things at work ... I have a new office! It has no windows but is BIG (compared to the closet -- seriously it was an old book closet before it was office space -- that I used to be in with THREE other faculty members). That's good! But, four adjuncts have been using my space since I've been on leave. They all have keys. Which is fine, until you think about them needing something they've forgotten was in a drawer and me in there pumping.  That's the bad.

Poor Gary the History Professor is all I can say. I hollered for him not to open the door, but you know how some men are about listening.  I 'spect he didn't need those old Time magazines after all, since I couldn't find him later.

The next couple weeks will be shared by Brian and Macy.  Then I'm off for most of the month of May.  In June and July I'll teach summer school four mornings a week, but Brian will be home with Sam & John full time.  Bless. Their. Hearts.  I am so thankful we chave worked it out so Sam won't be in daycare until August, when he'll be eight months old.  Big Brother will be starting kindergarten at that time! 

Not much other news ... the bigs are out volunteering at Radnor, cutting back invasive species with loppers and likely getting drenched, as it is pouring.  Tomorrow we're going to the college graduation of one of B's former 8th grade students (from our first stint in Nashville).  She is the first in her family to graduate from college, and she is quite the little go getter -- president of her senior class and headed off to graduate school in social work. 

Happy weekend!  Drop us a line!

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