Thursday, February 22, 2007

Long JOHNs

This is so last month, but Flickr is having some problems playing nicely with my dial-up internet connection. Yes, we have dial up. Something about them not wanting to tear up the "natural area" land to put in a cable and something about us not wanting to pay for satellite.

My frustration level is rather high, so I'll just (again) leave some quotes:

  • Mom, do you have any raindrops?
  • Where's Lemon? (Lennon is a TFA friend who is now in NYC becoming famous)
  • I proud of you.
  • Me: Look, there's a crane. JEB: You're right!
  • Dada, you're a good kid.

Am I boring and redundant or what?

Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted sometime between now and working and mothering and hosting a baby shower for which I volunteered my house and my culinary talents.

Lord, help us all.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Emergence of Modal Verbs

Quotes of the week ...

  • Might be a school day tomorrow.
  • I go Home Depot look at pushmowers.
  • Where's Dad Mom? (Me: He went to his class ... do you remember what kind of class he takes?)
  • Might be a pickle class!

crouching tiger, hidden dragon

  • I smart boy.
  • I go a school day tomorrow.
  • Don't cry at school. First play, then eat lunch, then naptime, then Mama comes back. Mama always comes back.

we like plaid

  • Mom, how does this pear work?
  • I might need cheese.
  • I need Meow. I love that Meow.

nanny's new camera that trumps all

  • Don't need lotion on the legs. Is OK.
  • No no sucky the nose.
  • I do it self.
  • Where's Dad? Dad's durkin.
  • Oh peedonny ee-eye-oh. A pig here. There. Oink oink. Oh peedonny ee-eye-oh.

OK, now these are from one of my students who emails me multiple times a day. I have left all spelling and grammar the same.

  • sorry kim,this is nothing to related to the study.i like your hair very muchquestions:1 where and when did you perm your hair?2do you need to make it look nice every day when you go out?3 how much is it? i m looking for a nice hair style which does not require me to combmy hairtoo much i will only dry my hair to other colour after the doctor release me! theytold me not to do anything for a long time becausse of my s.i had to usebaby shampoo for a long time after my surgeries which made my hair veryoily. i really hate it, now i m using certain kind of shampoo to help meget rid of it.thank you!
  • "Especially after my brain bleeding, my husband just think every new day is a gift-present." (I think she had an aneurysm or something).
  • "Why does my friend's cell phone message say, 'To page this person, press 1; to send an American page, press 2.'?" (I think she's hearing the words "numerical page")
  • Wednesday morning, at the beginning of Developmental Writing class, this is how she greeted me: "Good morning Kim, you wanna see some dog pictures?" (she then presented me with a medium-sized photo album full of dog pictures -- snapshots and cut out from magazines).

And that's all for this week. But click here for more photos.

And p.s. Look at my nephew:

this is my nephew and I love his cheeks

Read/see more here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feb. 2007 (29 months)

Well I have somehow forgotten to do monthly letters since he turned two, so I thought I'd do a random one tonight for his I'll-be-29-months-in-a-week celebration.

Dear Goosey,

This is what you look like now. It's a lot different from what you looked like one year ago:

Feb. 2006 (17 months)

And it's a whole lot different from how you looked two years ago:

Feb. 2005 (5 months old)

I gotta say that I really just THOUGHT that I liked you then compared to how much I like you now. You just keep growing on me! (Pun intended.)

I don't know what to do with you these days now that you can carry on a conversation on any given topic in the free world. The other day you marched into the kitchen with two videos in your hand (we had made a trip to the library earlier that day), and you said, "Mom. I watch GROVER first and kitty cats second."

TRANSITION WORDS! You've got 'em.

And the other, other day, when it was freezing cold and you had enough energy for sixteen horses, we went looking for an indoor playground (read: McDonald's Playplace -- a mother's winter dream). But after two tries (most of the playplaces south of the Mason Dixon have at least a portion of their equipment on the OUTSIDE of the building), we ended up at Chick-fil-A. Their playplace was a lot smaller (and cleaner) and there was only one other desperate mother and child there. Ryan, age 3, and his mom, age at-least-a-couple-years-older-than-me (and pregnant with another one) were happily discussing the CAR and STEERING WHEEL which were apparently located in the top, Momma-Cannot-Fit-There portion of the playplace.

First of all I had to correct you for continually calling him "That boy." As in, "That boy! Come on up here! Play boy! Climb boy!" That's how we discovered that his name was "Ryan."

Secondly, I nearly died when, from the top of the playplace, I hear you and Ryan discussing the accoutrements of the car. He is saying, "Look! The cah's steehing wheel! It has a hohn!" And then your reply, "It's a CARRrrrrr. CARRrrrr." This from a kid who still says "Look at that lellow school bus."

This pronunciation correction incident is only interesting because apparently I had the same tendency as a child (a born ESL teacher). There was an incident in which my friend David (one year older and now a DOCTOR) said, "Look! A titty tat!" and I replied, "You mean 'kitty cat'."


According to your Grandaddy, I am just getting payback. Fully deserved payback.

According to your Nana, you are just like Aunty Amy: I DO IT MYSELF!

But then there is the issue of your directional smarts, which you CLEARLY did NOT get from either me or Aunty Amy.

The other day we passed by the "salon" where you got your first (and only) professional hair cut. We hadn't passed by there in probably three months, but you, casually, from your backseat throne, piped up, "A haircut there. No, no do it the haircut."

And one final note about your verbal abilities (and my payback). When I picked you up from school last Monday, Ms. Lorene said, "He has talked nonstop all day. He has been saying things that I didn't think he would be able to say ... or even know about."

And I wanted to shout from the mountaintop, "HALLELUJAH THAT 22 MONTHS OF NURSING WASN'T FOR NAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!"

But I refrained. Didn't want to embarrass you.

And don't even get me started on your acquisition of modal verbs.

Buddy, I may eat these words in 10 years when you're a pre-teen alien from you know where, but ...




Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pitiful Cheese

Originally uploaded by Kimmy Crack Corn.
Tonight, after half an hour of quiet, completely self-initiated truck play, I heard crying. So I went to check it out. And there he stood, holding out a red finger saying, "I hurt my Fee-ee--eeee-nger." So I said, "Should I kiss it?"

The reply: "Yeah, I'm pitiful."

Friday, February 02, 2007

Photos, No Commentary

This is late, I know. I stayed up until midnight making The Dad's TWO pumpkin pies (today's his birthday) and cleaning the bathrooms because Nanny & Gampy arrived today and so a blog post had to be postponed. And now I've had entirely too much Peter's Asian Fusion to write coherently, so I'll just refer you to the new pictures, 64 of which are related to this here purple tube. Fun, fun.

More later ...