Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break 2013 (continued)

Today we returned from our Mississippi trip, and here is the evidence: 

This is a picture of the boys in the car at the mechanic's shop.  As we were about to get on I-65, we realized that the AC was out.  So we drove to the place where our other car was already stationed, having the dash taken apart so that they could install a new heater core.  Yes, this is the car we just bought.  Yes, we are paying the rent for the building, the owner's mortgage, and probably making at least a partial down-payment on a time share in Florida.
Once my mother tried to hose off his ATV, and that was a mistake.  Getting dirty is part of the package.  And speaking of my mother, I'm really sorry that I never get any pictures of her with the boys.  She's really pretty.   Sorry Mama!
What is the deal with boys and fishing?  Is it the worms?  I just don't know.  I am completely bored by this endeavor.
Sam caught six fish in my cousin's pond!  I acted proud and impressed even though I would rather have been getting a pedicure.
Luckily, Glendaddy was willing to fry up the 19 fish.
This is Sam, the Worst Picker Eater You've Ever Known, who chowed almost all of the six fish that he caught plus a couple pieces of pizza. 

Here is Sam in a magnolia tree in my parents' backyard.  His brother was, at this point, so far up that I couldn't get a good picture.  And plus there were wasps all over the place, and I was inside watching from the window.  Thank goodness my mother is not only pretty but also brave and took my phone out to capture these adventurous moments.

And there's this.  I will never get another normal picture of him again.

The End. 

Spring Break 2013

Well, since I am averaging LESS than once a month a posts, you could always just check the social networking site with which I'm currently obsessed. Just a thought.

I have all sorts of excuses for not posting, and the saddest part of it all is that you know I love writing on this blog, so when I don't/can't, it truly indicates a busy time in my life.  To further illustrate this point, I'd like to add that one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog once a month, and there have been exactly three 2013 posts prior to this, the final day of the third month.  
Tonight after the boys were asleep, I sat down with two spreadsheets about ballgame dates/times/locations and tried to match it all up on our family calendar.  This went relatively well once I figured out that April and May are different months, but let's just say that we may not be able to have a garden this year.  

Then I attempted to make a snack/drink sign-up sheet for Sam's soccer team, which Brian is co-coaching.  This was perking along nicely until the internet service dropped out, at which point I may have uttered a bad word even though it is not only Sunday but also Easter.  

And you're thinking ... even after months of not posting, it is these mundane details she has chosen to bore us with?

No!  Of course not.  Here are some pictures from our last few weeks of spring break, which included three (3) total weeks of one parent not working ... HEAVENLY!  Why have I always been so opposed to stay-home motherhood?  Oh, right.  There's the staying-home-with-the-children part.

My Spring Break was uneventful because the boys were still in school.  Sam and I had colds, so we watched a ton of TV.  At one point his fever got up to 104.8, but I'm proud to report that we were able to avoid the ER (which was another one of my NYRs -- I've practically reached my deductible as far as resolutions are concerned).  It was diagnosed as the ever-popular "fever virus," which is the pediatrician equivalent of "We honestly have no clue."  It seems that as long as a child is not convulsing, one shouldn't worry. 
I wouldn't have made it in the 19th century.  I know that surprises you.

For the last two weeks, the boys have had TWO WEEKS of vacation, which were mostly filled with grandparent trips.  And can I just take a moment to say that I'm immensely thankful for my children's grandparents, who not only clothe them, but also provide all sorts of other upport that is priceless.  We are really lucky on that front.
These are the pictures from the northern section of the trips:
At the Milwaukee Zoo
Nanny cooks amazing pasta!
The boys with their Great Grandpa Becker
Waterpark in the Dells
Apparently, Sam liked the lazy river.
It is reported that all of the boys were well behaved during the trip north.  In a separate post, I've added pictures from the 2nd trip, which was to the maternal grandparents in Mississippi, where the weather was quite different.
Do tune in.
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