Sunday, June 22, 2008

Los Tres Hombres

Feliz Dia de los Padres (una semana tarde):

When It Was Summertime

I'm behind and now there's too much for one post. I may try to do several shorter ones about the most important events of late. This photo was taken by Nanny, who came with Grampy to visit last weekend. I have no pictures of the event (which included Father's Day) because I am lame and lazy.

The title comes from John's latest answer to my question, "When is the last time you washed your hands?"

Thanks for all the great photos Nanny! Y'all can click here for more.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Overheard ...

Yesterday on the way home from swim lessons -- which were FANTASTIC -- he asked me how they get the lollipop to stay on the white stick.

I told him to ask Dad, who knows more about that kind of thing than I do. That is my pat answer to all questions about which I am clueless.

His response: "Mom, why does Dada know so much more than you do?"

Clearly, I need a better strategy.

Click here for more pictures of "Hike Through Poison Ivy to a Waterfall" Day.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This one's for you, Bruce.

note length of arm vs. leg

aka, The Knuckledragger

A masked intruder and other tidbits

Somehow I've managed not to post several funny episodes of late, so I'll catch up here (instead of trying to figure out how to teach Arabic speakers the difference between "p" and "b").

First, our neighbors grandchildren came to visit for a few days and brought a toy John Deere gator. Besides farmwark, they're apparently into Batman.

Second, soccer season is now over (note the pink panthers jersey in the picture) and he went out with a bang. At the final game, they played a team who are all five and who have played together since they were three. So he was the youngest on both teams and we were getting creamed. And then, at the very end of the first half, he scored three goals in a row. Um, for the other team.

So Brian and I were on the sidelines yelling and pointing the other direction and laughing, and the other team and all of their extended family supporters -- we are talking 3rd cousins here -- were sullen and slumped in their folding chairs.

Then the other team scored and John left the field crying hysterically and wailing, "I wanted to make ALL the goals!"

Finally, at the end of the game, he scored his one and only, first and last, perfect goal, which ended the game. And since they don't keep score, he thought that the game ended because of him and was flying high. Then they did the "good game line up slap hands" things and they all got trophies and medals. I am against that for the record -- all of them getting awards for no reason, because I see the result of it in college students ... the "I am owed something for being here" mentality -- but he couldn't have been happier or prouder. And neither could we.

My last tidbit ... And then of course there is the issue of his new cool school day, which is growing ever more old and uncool despite the fact that they have a computer class (CLICK -- Creative Lessons In Computer for Kids) every other week. Today I got a good chuckle examining the CLICK progress report which came home with him. It has a date, names of software, and a note about skills used (counting and number values, matching colors/shapes, memory skills, and Spanish words), and -- most interestingly -- a list of computer parts and terms covered today in class. Here is what was there:

  • backspace
  • taskbar/toolbar
  • software
  • disk drive
  • double click
  • peripherals (MY FAVORITE!)
  • CD
  • screen
  • laptop
  • key board
  • backspace key
  • enter key
  • speakers
  • click/left click
  • graphics
  • mouse pad
  • monitor
  • handling CD's [sic]
  • mouse
  • volume
  • cables
  • cursor/pointer
  • program
  • Desk Top [sic]
  • drag
  • screen saver
  • icon
  • window
  • space bar

Please do write and tell me how Ms. Mermi can teach all of that to a class of three-year olds in 30 minutes. Oh, and what are "peripherals"?


Good night.